Customized Leadership Development:

Welcome to the Institute of Leadership Development, where we believe every manager has the talents to become a Relational Leader.

Great leadership talent rarely comes by chance, but certainly can be developed. Yet, most organizations all to often spend little time developing their leadership talents and are too quick to just position high performing employees into positions of leadership without giving them the tools to truly shine as leaders. If your organization has this challenge, we can help.

Developing Relational leaders is what our institute is all about. Relational leadership is an expression we use to describe a manager who is equipped with the knowledge, commitment and relational insights needed to truly lead. Relational leaders know how to motivate employees through keen relationship skill and competencies. This results in a working environment where a variety of individuals are inspired to express their talents in such a way where higher performance levels come naturally. As a result, business or organizations are improved through great teamwork with welcomed accountabilities.

The approach we offer is customized to each individual. Developing Relational Leaders is highly personalized and typically begins with a 30 minute assessment of the tools and talents they have already mastered. Once this assessment is completed, we provide a customized detailed process for developing the additional insights needed to become a high performing leader and therefore help each leader create a winning team in their department or organization.

Additionally, on this site you will learn about other practical and useful programs and training modules we offer. Give us a call if you feel we might help you and your team.

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